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Just after the publication of The Vampire Lestat, Louis does some laundry. Originally...

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Reviews For drabble dimanche

Name: stellie (Signed) · Date: April 28, 2014 07:45 am · For: Chapter 12
Fabulous! I always love your stories, you are so witty.
you get these characters, that s just brilliant.
I cant stop reading these stories, love them.

Name: Witchy Tay (Signed) · Date: June 13, 2011 04:20 pm · For: Chapter 43
I love the way you link your stories. I really hope you will continue your Louis/Nicolas one, I canīt wait to see how it ends... =)

Name: Iskra (Signed) · Date: April 27, 2011 04:22 pm · For: Chapter 36
lol! really loved Danny and his SW legos :D

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 02:36 am · For: Chapter 30
I love this story about Nicoals and Louis. What a brilliant idea to let them meet and spend time together.
I would love to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you! There will be more. :) And thank you so much for all your kind reviews!

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 02:27 am · For: Chapter 27
Bravo, ah, that's so delightful to read.

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2011 02:22 am · For: Chapter 25
How beautiful: a little peace and happiness for Louis. Well written.

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 01:43 pm · For: Chapter 23
This one ios wonderfull. Nicolas alwaysfascinated me. His drama, his suffering, his despair. You caught that perfectly.

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 01:39 pm · For: Chapter 20
:-)) Where do you get such great ideas from? Honestly, I love it.

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 01:33 pm · For: Chapter 9
Is this about Gabrille loosing a child? It's very melancholic.

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 01:31 pm · For: Chapter 17
What a brilliant idea. I like it

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 01:26 pm · For: Chapter 13
*shudders* Short but intensive. Poor Nicolas!

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 01:23 pm · For: Chapter 12
" Louis sighed. Off the hook! Surely nothing terrible could happen with Blake and Scripture." Sure? Another great little story.

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 01:19 pm · For: Chapter 11
Fantastic, oh lord, that's so funny!!

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 01:13 pm · For: Chapter 8
I can see it in my mind. Exactely! Haha.

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 01:10 pm · For: Chapter 5
Nice. Now you have me grinning.

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2011 01:04 pm · For: Chapter 1
Hahah...imagine that! I would watch that show for sure! :-)

Name: Witchy Tay (Signed) · Date: April 04, 2011 01:59 pm · For: Chapter 1
I really love the chapters dedicated to Louis and Nicholas, I think you capture them perfectly. Hope to read more of them.

Name: Laviniaspeaks (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2011 12:24 pm · For: Chapter 28
Wonderful fun! Love all the bits with Louis and Nicholas--would love to see you write a fic with the two of them. Thanks so much for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :) At the moment I feel like writing Nicolas basically until the end of time, so there will be more (though maybe piecemeal).

Name: Peruch (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2011 06:49 pm · For: Chapter 17
You updated I really like writing style and I loved chapter 15. Now I want to read a Louis and Lestat version of Beauty and the Beast. Louis as Belle, Lestat as Beast and Armand as Lumiere.

Keep up the good. Hope to read more soon

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) Oh yes, there will always be more.

Name: Peruch (Signed) · Date: January 21, 2011 11:15 am · For: Chapter 12
These are great keep up the good work.

Name: Iskra (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2011 12:29 pm · For: Chapter 12
So good you're archiving those here, so they don't get lost :)

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