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Name: Psychosispersonified (Signed) · Date: August 10, 2017 03:10 am · For: Chapter 1 sweet

Name: stellie (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2014 04:40 am · For: Chapter 1
Hi there,

thank you for this sweet tale, I love when you guys fill the blanks with possible events that could have happened in the books. this one is so so sweet. the tenderness between Louis and Lestat is endearing and warms my heart. it feels right because this love and tenderness I felt it in the pages of The vampire Lestat when he feels weak in the knees facing Louis when he comes see him.
thank you.

Name: Domina (Signed) · Date: January 24, 2012 08:54 pm · For: Chapter 1
So sweet!

Name: ukashi goshi (Signed) · Date: September 26, 2010 07:47 pm · For: Chapter 1
I love this detail:

"Mortals think it's a veil that comes down between a vampire and his maker, but really it's a wall of sound."

Such a great insight!

Name: tanaquil (Signed) · Date: June 22, 2010 08:41 am · For: Chapter 1
This is a great story. Fluidly told with a perfect choice of words and palpable, warm emotion.

Name: JanaJuggles (Signed) · Date: November 28, 2009 05:54 pm · For: Chapter 1
I liked your story! It was cool you mentioned Armand throwing Lestat off the roof, that seems to be often overlooked. I appreciated that you stayed truer to the characters than most, and I enjoyed the dialogue you created. Thank you for writing!

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